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About itero

iTero is a state of the art dental 3D scanner that records your teeth in less than 5minutes, with no messy impression materials. With this scan, within minutes, you cansee an interactive model of your new smile.

Come in for an exciting look at your new smile within minutes, and let us guide youthrough the options for the best treatment for you!

The intraoral scanner features a wand, which moves around your mouth The small wanddesign allows a scan even in hard-to-reach places in the back of your mouth.

iTero & Invisalign

iTero technology is compatible with the Invisalign system, and helps your dentist planyour orthodontic treatment. Digital data from the scanner is sent directly to Invisalignto create your custom aligners.

Benefits of iTero

Your dentist can create an effective Invisalign treatment plan for you using the iTerointraoral scanner. There are a number of benefits of using the scanner during thetreatment planning process.

  • Your dentist can adjust your treatment plan in real-time.
  • Your data can be stored digitally and sent seamlessly in minutes.
  • You can see how your smile looks before and after treatment.
  • Your treatment is more efficient and convenient for you
  • You can track your treatment progress along the way.
  • You don't have to deal with the goopy mess of traditional impressions.
The iTero Process

The Process is easy, and will take place during the planning phase of your Invisaligntreatment. We begin by using the iTero scanner to take a complete 3D scan of yourentire mouth.

Next, we will project this image for you to see on a computer screento show you how your current smile looks from all angles, as well ashow your teeth bite. This bite pressure map can predict areas of yourteeth that may chip in the future, as well as gum recession that may occur. This featureallows us to preventatively guide our patients to preserving their teeth and gums.

We can use iTero technology to show you a complete 3D accurate simulation of whatyour smile will look like once your Invisalign treatment is complete. We email you acopy of this 3D model for your viewing at home, so you can share it with your friendsand family. Once your scans are finished, we can send them electronically to AlignTechnologies so that they can begin to create your custom made aligners.