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Weinkle Prevention


Botox° is an extremely effective cosmetic treatment that enhances your skin's youthful beauty through the softening of fine lines and wrinkles, that are caused by excessive and repeated muscle action.

Botox is used to reduce lines and wrinkles in the face, whilst maintaining a completely natural and refreshed, youthful appearance.


Botox is used primarily to treat the upper half of the face, but is also used to relax muscles that cause headaches and jaw pain:

  • Glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows)
  • Crow's feet lines (smile lines near the eyes)
  • Forehead lines (above the eyebrows)
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder TMD (dysfunction of the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that can lead to extreme jaw and facial muscle pain)
  • Bruxism (prevention of grinding or clenching teeth, that causes headaches)


Botox® works by relaxing the muscles responsible for the formation of facial wrinkles. These are called dynamic wrinkles and are most noticeable with extreme facial expressions such as smiling, squinting, and frowning. Static lines, which are present when your face is at rest, may also improve over a period of repeated treatments. In fact, early botox treatments can prevent static, permanent lines, from forming all together.

Effectiveness is dependent on the strength of the muscles injected and the individual's response. This is why we will customize your treatment over time to optimize the results achieved, and work with you on your goals of wrinkle and pain prevention.


Results start to become noticeable 7-10 days after treatment and are fully achieved within 14 days. Results last an average of 3 months but for some, can last up to 6 months, especially in those who have had regular botox treatment. Contrary to popular belief, Botox® is not addictive and you will not be worse off once the treatment has faded. If you choose not to have further treatment, these wrinkles will simply return to the way they were initially before any treatment was undertaken.


There can be a small amount of swelling or redness around the injection area, but this usually lasts only a few minutes. Occasionally, mild bruising or a slight headache can be experienced temporarily.


Botox is very safe, as long as it is administered by a trained clinician. In Canada, only doctors who have undertaken specific Botox training are permitted to offer this treatment. Botox®is prepared from a purified and stabilized form of botulinum (BTN-A) inactivated protein. It has a long history of use in general medicine to treat a wide range of disorders and has been safely and successfully licensed for use since 2002.

Why Are Dentists a Great Choice for BOTOX® Administration?

In many ways, dentists are the best providers of BOTOX® treatment in the health care industry. They offer distinct advantages you may not find at other locations where BOTOX® is administered, including:

  • Dental practices have strict sterilization protocols, giving patients the peace of mind, knowing they are being safely treated
  • Dentists have exceptional knowledge of the head and neck anatomy, and so can effectively treat wrinkles and also head and neck muscle tension
  • Dentists are extremely competent and comfortable administering needles
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